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Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2021 11:14 pm
by sbm12405
What a trying day so far. Ugh.

Faerie- so glad that you got a new phone. You will figure it out eventually. Hope you are doing well and the unrest in your country is calming down. I haven’t looked at the news lately.

Conn - you’ve had a heck of a time of it. Hope you are on your little vacation now and enjoying yourself.

Vickie - thinking about you.

Well you know that saying “when momma’s not happy ain’t nobody happy”? Well momma wasn’t happy this morning which made other momma cranky too. Thankfully momma one called off work and took a nap. Momma two felt better after momma one got up and was a bit calmer. In all fairness she was having a really bad morning. And when one of her computer monitors stopped working making it impossible to see one of her work computers she just couldn’t take it anymore. So hopefully we can get it fixed this evening. If not I will be giving her my monitors and I’ll take the one monitor of hers that is working. I love having two monitors. I don’t have to have them. She does.

So we spent a significant time this afternoon taking photos of stuff we’ve turned but haven’t photographed yet. And wow do we have a lot of stuff not photographed or listed for sale. Still have a ton of stuff to photograph and need to really retake all the others because they look like crap. Then I need to edit each photo and upload and/or modify each listing. Fun times.

Had our neighbor over for dinner last night. This is the one we swim with. It was really nice visiting with her and her mom. Her dog has anxiety issues just like Dottie so we told her to bring him. Violet wasn’t happy. Violet got put up in the bedroom. Lol. Dottie and Roxy both enjoyed Shadow’s company. We gave all four dogs these hemp treats we have for anxiety. Dottie stole Shadow’s treat. Dottie is 16 pounds and gets 1/2 a treat. Shadow is much larger and got a whole treat (he could have had two). So we gave Shadow another one and protected him while he ate it. Dottie was completely stoned and was having trouble staying awake after a bit. Lol. She slept well last night though. We knew it wouldn’t hurt her. Otherwise we would have made her vomit. But we all got a good laugh out of it.

Friday a neighbor dropped off a piece of mail that got delivered to him by accident. He managed to be invited in. While he was inside our house talking he mentioned his wife’s birthday was that day and his son turned twelve the following day. I said “oh that means he’s eligible for the vaccine are you going to get him scheduled for it?” Just making small talk really. He then goes on to tell me that he doesn’t think it’s safe blah blah blah. I literally said you need tog eat out of my house. He kept talking. My wife just up and left the room with the dogs. Finally his son came walking by our house and heard him talking (our door was open). I was like “is that your son?” He said it was and went to pop his head out to tell his son he was there. I took the opening to say “oh looks like your needed at home. We’ll see you later and practically shoved him out the door. Then shut the security door and locked it and shut our main door and locked it. It completely pissed us both off. Then I contacted the neighbor we swim with. She is good friends with this neighbor and before the pandemic would have his family over to swim. They also talk over their fence a lot. She is super viligant about trying to mitigate exposure to the virus, including not being around unvaccinated people especially without a mask whether it’s indoors or outdoors (we don’t like being around unvaccinated people either). So I told her that none of his family is vaccinated but not to tell him we told her. I said it not to shame him (although I personally think people who have the opportunity to be vaccinated and opt not to are idiots). I did it because I know her attitude about it and that she had that attitude because she has no health insurance and her mom is in a super high risk category. I hope (and I truly think) she would do the same for us.

Violets’ bump is smaller today. Which makes me feel better. She goes in for a dental on Wednesday. I’m off the antibiotics and my mouth feels so much better. Unfortunately the insurance paid a little more than half of what they should have so we owe a crap ton more money to the endodontist. I got laundry mostly done. I’ve been behind on that for some time. House is mostly clean. Not much more going on.

Hope everyone has a good week. I suspect with Vickie off for a bit and Conn on vacation it’ll be a bit quiet around here this week. But hey at least we have each other Faerie. Lol

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 3:11 pm
by Faerie
Sarah, love the hemp story with Dottie. Don't think I've seen those here. But . . . not having dogs right now I am out of touch. I am sooo tired of people + their vaccine excuses + conspiracy theories. I was supposed to have my 2nd jab tomorrow but they've run out of vaccines there. Sigh! Not having transport I can't go to further away places. Just hope I don't have to wait too long. We were hoping that my daughter could get done at the same time. She's only just become eligible so hers will be the first one. Grrrrr! Nothing goes smoothly here. Maybe I should have one of those hemp chews. Lol

Things have calmed down here for now. Thank goodness! They have arrested a few of the instigators who were responsible for the insurrection but it is still very tense.

We are having such a cold winter. I hate it + my body hates me. My pain is always worse in the cold. I can't remember ever having had such a cold winter. Climates have changed all over the world. My circulation is bad so I'm really struggling with very painful feet. Well it's been a busy day on the property including the bally electric gate not working. I really really really hate those things. Eventually managed to sort it out but it's a pain in the butt. It's 5.00p.m + I've just let the gardener out so I can switch off now.


Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:07 am
by Vickiem1124
what happened to my post anyway I tried to hurt myself because IM struggling to deal with a lot of stuff and it was to hard its still hard but I guess its not my time yet so ill keep dealing

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:39 pm
by sbm12405
Vickie - I’m sorry that you are struggling so much right now. Life isn’t always easy or fair. But I believe it’s worth it. Don’t give up. I’m also sorry your post disappeared. It’s happened to me too. I think mostly when my internet connection gets interrupted.

Faerie - glad to hear it has calmed down a bit there. You are looking forward to warmer weather. I’m looking forward to cooler weather. Lol. At least we are getting a fair amount of rain this year. Last year was so incredibly dry.

I just dropped Violet off for her dental. She certainly didn’t want to go. I can pick her up in sixish hours.

Other than that not much going on. Just taking more photos. Lol

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 5:33 pm
by Faerie
Hi everyone.

Vickie, I'm so sorry it reached that stage. No sweetheart definitely not your time. You have a lot of things still to do + lives to touch. I am on the other side of the world + you have touched my life. I consider you a friend + I care about you. I am sure there are many many others who care about you. Be gentle with yourself + be safe.

Sarah, I can't wait for summer. This climate change weather is awful. I can't remember ever having had such a cold winter. My bone marrow is frozen. Another cold front hitting us today. -3 deg tonight, tomorrow is max 7deg + tomorrow night -5. It is a biting cold + we never usually get this low. Somewhere between you + me is somewhere with the perfect temp. Meet you there. Beam me Up Scotty!!!! Hope little Violet will be ok.


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Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:34 pm
by Faerie
Hi guys, I need some sympathy!!!!!!! Lol

We are having the coldest day in 10 years.
Snow on all the mountains + Sub-Polar air warnings. Well . . . that's bad enough . . . but it is now 8.30pm + we haven't had electricity since 4pm. I didn't sleep last night + right now I am tired, + bally cold + very very very irritable. I am just throwing a cosmic wobbly!!!!!!!! Geez, enough already!!!!!

Oh, + all police stations have been put on alert. Apparently the people responsible for all last week's riots + looting + destruction plan on hitting police stations + armeries next. The police were overwhelmed then + couldn't cope. The kingpins of that haven't been arrested yet. But . . . we are reassured, the government knows who they are.

I was supposed to get my vaccinatiom yesterday . . . but they didn't have any vaccine.

Beam me up Scotty!!!!!!!

I need real hugs!!!! Is there any normality anywhere?

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:03 pm
by sbm12405
Faerie - I feel for you. Heat sucks but bitterly cold sucks too. I remember one year that it was below zero so long that we left our basement door open because we were afraid our pipes would freeze. And that sent our heating costs soaring even higher and the house was so much colder. But we were grateful that we had power and heat. I can’t imagine that kind of cold without heat or power. I’m also sorry to hear the unrest continues. That has got to be scary. And when you add covid, your health, etc I’m not sure how you cope. You definitely are one tough cookie! Hang in there. Spring is just around the corner for you.

Vickie - how are you feeling today? Hopefully a bit better. I know being as down as you have been is tough. Hang in there. You have a lot of people who love you. Including those of us here on this forum.

Conn - looking forward to hearing about your vacation!

So Violet is feeling better today. When she came home yesterday she was so pitiful looking. She was groggy but I could tell she was hurting too. She had a total of three teeth taken out. Two had to be drilled out. One was the infected one. Another was the same tooth on the opposite side of her mouth. The vet said both of those teeth had black roots and were completely dead. The other I think he said was loose. I basically held her as much as she wanted to be held after she came home yesterday. My wife was turning stuff in the garage part of the evening and she kept checking on her. Ever the watch dog. Lol.

Dottie is at the neighbors house. My wife called to see how they were doing. My neighbor offered some brownies for me. Lol. So I met her at the fence. Her dog heard our dogs and literally screamed with delight. She kept bugging her mom to pick her up. I picked Dottie up so they could say hi to one another. First thing they did was lick each other. Which convinced my neighbor to have Dottie over. Not that that ever takes much convincing.

We are having white chicken chili for dinner tonight. Who knows how it will taste. It’s in a bariatric cookbook my wife’s doctor wrote. Hopefully it’s decent.

Other than that I’m hot and tired and grumpy. I spent most the day working on editing photos and listing stuff online for sale. I’ve gotten quite a bit up but have so much more that I need to edit and post. Not to mention we need to figure out how much to charge for our cutting boards. And one particular cutting board’s photos didn’t turn out so I’ll have to try again next time I have my photo stuff set up. Considering shipping will cost us about $21 each who knows if they will sell.

I’m laying down in front of a fan. Still hot and grumpy. Need to get Dottie soon. But my wife can do that. Have a good day everyone and try to stay warm Faerie!

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:50 am
by Faerie
Hi Sarah, no luv I'm really not a tough cookie. I don't have therapist, or doctors. But I have to keep going. I'm super glued, I build walls + often operate on automation. There is that old saying 'you don't know how strong you can be until you have no other choice'. I've had a lot of really traumatic things to deal with since I was about 8 + life has not been easy. If it wasn't for my daughter I would just sit down and give up. But my daughter needs me so I have to fight through.

But I did have a mini melt down on Wednesday. My daughter has been so worried about me living.alone. She has been wanting me to get a dog for companionship for a long time. I love animals + it's the first time in my life I haven't had any but I keep telling her I can't. Well. . . she heard of a puppy desperately needing a home. A cross Yorkie/Husky. She visited on Wed + all in secret arranged for someone to bring it here without even seeing it. She came into my bedroom + just put this big puppy into my arms, and I mean big! She may be a cross but she beautiful. 90 percent Husky, with Husky markings + very big paws. I tried to protest but my daughter really thought I would instantly fall in love which I would have done in the past. I eventually just burst into tears. I told her I could hardly look after myself + we are struggling to even buy the most basic food for ourselves, how were we going to look after a dog. This dog had not even been vaccinated. I can't afford to get my own medicines, how was I going to provide for a dog. Long story short . . . we both ended up in tears. I felt terrible. She had been impulsive with the best intentions + pure love but it was disasterous. She was heartbroken that I was upset + she hadn't thought it through properly. So . . . she took the dog home (she can't keep her either) + we are desperately trying to find her a good home. Sigh! Really don't need extra problems right now.

Vickie, how are you doing? Talking of animals how is Pepper. Please pop in + let us know. We care + worry about you.

Conn, how was your stay+cation?


Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:31 pm
by Conn
Hello :)
Vickie, I’m so sorry to hear you’re struggling so much right now. Praying for you. Please be gentle with yourself …. We all care for you very much !

Faerie, I just want to hug you! I’m so sorry things are so hard. I wish you could have kept the pup. I’m sure no one would have loved her more than you. But I understand, it’s a big commitment to take on a pet. Stay warm and take care of you !

Well, stay-cation was amazing and disastrous at the same time. I loved the time with family. Watching my son and daughter bond and share time together like old times. They were always so close! My husband and I keep talking about our little trip and how perfect it was just to have our entire family under one roof… watching them with their babies and just spending time together. But…… my goodness the trip wasn’t without many disasters that almost made me give up and just go home. First, the day before we were to leave , little Luna woke with a high fever. Her daddy took her to urgent care and they tested for strep throat and covid. Both were negative. Early Monday morning she woke with a barking cough. So off to their pediatrician they went. She was diagnosed with croup. Had to have a breathing treatment and a dose of time released steroid. So…. After lots of discussion and sadness my daughter decided to come to the vacation house with Jett and Mila and Luna stayed home to have an evening with just her and daddy… Ice cream and movies and a sleep over in her room. So my daughter came for the evening … tried to get the two kids to sleep, which was a struggle in a new place and Mila really missing Luna. They had never been apart ! So at 3:30 a.m. I hear sobbing and crying from downstairs where her bedroom was. I hadn’t been to sleep at all (anxiety, worry, noises of lullaby sound machines and crying :shock: )… so I ran down to their room and am told that Jett and Mila now woke with high fevers as well. So she rushes and packs up their things, loads them up with fever meds and heads home. I’m in tears and sick with worry that micah is next. Good thing is we spent most of their time outside. And their bedroom was on the first floor with ours and my son and his family on the second floor. And micah was in a carrier on her mommy all evening. I spent a couple hours wiping everything down with sanitizer wipes, spraying disinfectant spray all over the house and washed the bedding from their bedroom. We were all so sad for them! My son made the decision and called his sister and told her to keep them on fever meds and bring them all back that evening. He said we would just be careful and keep them from micah since our rooms are far apart and most of our time is being spent outside. So that’s what they did. Luna was feeling much better and by this time was 3 days since her fever came on. The other two were feeling better and never got it as bad as Luna. But I spent my time wiping things down they touched and spraying rooms with disinfectant! We did a good job of keeping them distanced from micah, but I will be worried for a few days still. So far she is fine. We managed to pull it off and the kids had a blast! Boat rides with their uncle (who showered immediately after to avoid germs ha ha), playing in the creek, fishing, and campfires. So even with the sickness and worry we managed to have a nice time. The last night there a neighbor across the creek lost control of her dogs and they went into the creek. Konan had been so good the whole time and just hung out outside with us on his dog run cable. Well those dogs were more than he could handle and he took of running… broke his harness and took off toward the creek. Thankfully the creek stopped him and I got him to come to me. Put him in a bear hug and got him rigged up with leashes and his cable. My son ran to the store and got another harness. That evening he tried again to run after a deer on the property. So our last night there was eventful ha ha. As much as I loved being all together I was ready to come home to some normalcy. I swear I’m jinxed and am never meant to be away from home!
I’ll share some pics ….

Re: Monday July 19 - Sunday July 25, 2021

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 4:43 pm
by Conn
A few pics