How open are you on social media?

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How open are you on social media?

Post by sbm12405 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:42 am

Ok so I started thinking about this more as we prepare for MDJ to shut down. How do you portray yourself on social media?

I personally have no problem talking about stuff on forums like this because it provides a person some degree of privacy. However, when it comes to my Facebook page I do not mention my mental health status. I have not even mentioned publicly that I am on disability. I always thought of myself as a mental health advocate there but I realized recently that I talk in generic terms or in regards to my brother and his mental health and subsequent suicide. Never about me.

Part of this is because I was an admin on a Facebook page that I realized was set up incorrectly and I could see everyone’s personal posts and information. Including groups that they belonged to. (It was set up as a personal page not a business page) During my tenure as admin I corrected that so that future admins did not see that info but I have no idea how other professional organizations I belong to have their pages set up and, professionally, if I do go back to work I didn’t want that “label” attached to me.

I admit I feel pretty ashamed about that attitude. If I truly think I’m a mental health advocate why do I have an issue with people knowing my mental health status and why am I not willing to go out on a limb in an effort to reduce the stigma?

I’m curious how others feel about this. And how others handle this. I know there are people with agoraphobia at all stages in the illness. Some of us go to work or college and some of us are disabled and stay home. Some of us have limitations on where we can go and when. So how do you guys handle this stuff?
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Re: How open are you on social media?

Post by Conn » Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:06 pm

I am pretty much an open book on Facebook. Mostly because I am cautious about who I accept as a “friend”. I try to keep my settings to friends only. I don’t have the professional worry as far as future employers looking into my personal business since it’s been years since I’ve been able to work... and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. At close to 55 years old I pretty much think I’m the permanent unemployed housewife lol. Although sometimes I dream about being a productive working woman again... not sure I’d have any type of skill at this point to be hired for anything.
On sites such as mdj I was a little more guarded. Not with my sharing of what I’ve been through in life , but with my personal info so as to protect my families privacy. I have no issue sharing about myself , but my family is another story. I will protect them best I can. Ive shared pictures , but am cautious with how much personal info I share about others.

I think our personal histories of trauma and life events determines what we feel comfortable sharing anywhere .... either in order to protect ourselves or those we care about. And that’s never a bad thing.
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Re: How open are you on social media?

Post by AC321 » Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:38 pm

I tend to be a private person in general, so I don’t share anything like that on social media. In fact, I’ve only told about 7-8 people about my agoraphobia. That number even includes medical and mental health professionals. My therapist actually tried to get me to be more open about it with some of my closest friends and family. She thought it would make it easier, rather than trying to hide it constantly. I'm sure she was right, but I never got the courage to talk about it with more people.
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Re: How open are you on social media?

Post by Vickiem1124 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:19 am

Ok I am open about having depression and anxiety but going into the borderline personality disorder trait stuff I'm not so much talking about even though they've seen my behavior they think bpd is something completely different than what it is for example so it depends with me and that's the funny thing about bpd you cant hide the symptoms well but the average person think we are dramatic and selfish and bad people but it's our symptoms our behavior agoraphobic can hide on social media their issues as long as they are like from yout past or never going to see them
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Re: How open are you on social media?

Post by KittenMittens » Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:16 am

In the past few years I have been extremely open on Social Media. I have a website and have connected my facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Tumbler with it.

The reason is completely selfish too. I made a decision to be as open and honest about my mental health and physical issues in order to reach out to others that may have similar experiences while I face my own demons as I work through recovery. I don't have anything to sell, just a huge part of myself to share. I just have a huge desire to be heard and understood, something that I did not experience in childhood.

It's a practice in self reflection and a way for me to measure how I am moving forward in recovery. In a sense, by being in an online support group, isn't that what we are doing? I just went one step further and revealed my identity, something that I hid in the past because of self doubt and fear. It is powerful to share my story, especially since I see myself as a Mental Health Advocate.

It's easier for me to reveal my story to people that don't know me in day to day life but it was eye opening to reveal my struggles as 'Cheryl' to people that I have known since childhood. It opened up a conversation about mental illness and they felt comfortable enough to confide in me about their own struggles. It helped me to see that I was not alone.

Just my thoughts.

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Re: How open are you on social media?

Post by Luther » Fri Apr 03, 2020 5:28 am

I'm basically nonexistent on social media. However, MDJ was an integral part of my "coming out" regarding my struggle with agoraphobia / mental illness. And that opened the door to me coming out in parts of my offline life, such as with my church community. And I speak more openly about the illness (some will disagree with me referring to agoraphobia as an illness) with acquaintances who have known me for years. It has been a real burden to suffer with agoraphobia, and to also suffer with the burden of the shame and secrecy of the illness.
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