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This Is Me

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Hi, I'm Cheryl aka KittenMittens. I was the Group Leader on the Agoraphobics dealing with PTSD group and have an informational blog that I started a few years ago, I am currently on Social Security Disability and deemed permanently disabled.

In 2005, I was injured at work and ended up having surgery to repair a trigger finger on my right hand. In 2007, the surgeon made a huge mistake which resulted in my hand being permanently physically disabled. After several months of trying to get back to work I was released into a hostile work environment. Trying to cope with the nerve damage pain and disability (I was right handed) I did the best I could for 7 months. In the interim, I was going to a different doctor to see if he could repair the damage so that I could use my hand again. On October 3, 2008 I was physically assaulted by a co-worker that believed I was faking my hand injury.

My mind broke.

I was first diagnosed with Agoraphobia in the months following the assault. I had been housebound for 7 years and slowly started to utilize the treatments taught to me in therapy to challenge the anxiety. After changing therapists I was finally diagnosed with Complex PTSD (not in the DSM yet but is also called DESNOS) with Agoraphobic tendencies. The different diagnosis actual doesn't matter, I still have anxiety when I go out and distrust most situations. The difference is that I have coping tools, support and knowledge.

I now focus on the things that I can do rather than can't do.
I lead a life of helping others that are struggling with Mental Health issues.
I have learned that being open and honest can be a blessing.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here.

I desire to inspire before I expire
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